Best Interior Designer in Patiala

Studio G Lines is the Best Interior Designer in Patiala, creating attractive residential and commercial spaces. Our team provides exceptional services to built or renew your your home or office with attractive designs and innovative ideas. Studio G Lines has a team of expert architects and interior designers who have skills to transform your space with creativity.

We ensure to create designs that reflect your personality and make your space look elegant and aesthetic. Moreover, with a combination of traditional designs and modern functionalities, we create unmatchable interior designs catering to your needs. We aim to provide excellent services by bringing the imagination of your space to life.

Therefore, Studio G Lines can help you build your space exactly like you have always dreamed of. Hence, contact us today to hire our firm of best interior designer in Patiala to create designs that define your preferences.

What is Interior Architectural Design?

Interior Architectural Design is the art and skill of designing interiors for residential and commercial spaces. In addition, interiors can be of different types and styles and have many variations and colors. Thus, Interior Designers are the people who design the interior decor of spaces.

Interior Architectural Design involves many elements, such as spaces, forms, lines, light, patterns, colors, and more. Moreover, designers study these things and keep them in mind while designing. Interior design is a vital part of architecture as it makes the home suitable for the family. It helps shape the overall personality of the house to suit your family. 

Role of Interior Designing for Your Home

Choosing the best interior designers or interior designing companies for designing your home decor is important. Moreover, you must build your home according to Vastu Shastra for your and your family’s well-being. You can contact a Vastu Expert Architect in Patiala to design your interior for homes and offices. Some of the reasons why interior designing is best for you are:

  • Interior design plays a huge role in home decor. It contrasts with the exterior and interior of your home. Your home’s interior design also suits your personality and sets your mood. 
  • With the right home interior, you can make your home a perfect place for you and your family. Good interior design helps your home set the right mood whenever your guests visit your home. 
  • A trendy interior design helps make your home look modern and stay up-to-date with the latest design trends. Your home is the place for you and your family. Thus, it is important to have a good interior for the well-being of you and your family. 
  • Your home’s interior design also shows your liking and taste. It helps other people know about your taste in style and design. Thus, interior design helps you define your personality and connect with your home. 

Studio G Lines – The Best Interior Designer in Patiala

Studio G Lines is your best choice for transforming your old, boring home into an exciting, trendy home. We are a leading luxury architects in Patiala and the top choice for interior designers. Moreover, with the help of our interior design company, you can fulfill your dream of living in your dream house. Our company can help you choose the home’s interior design you always wanted to have at a good price. 

Our company will help you choose from many decor styles and designs that suit your tastes. In addition, we use the best construction materials in the decor of all our buildings. All our interior designs follow the latest decor trends built to last for years.  

The team of architects and designers at Studio G Lines deeply studies many Vastu Shastra methods and applies them to your interior designs. We believe in designing according to Vastu, which deeply connects to our Indian roots. In addition, science proves that Vastu provides wealth, prosperity, happiness, and health in your home. Therefore, hire our best interior designer in Patiala to convert your spaces as per your imagination.

Types of Interior Designs provided by Studio G Lines

Studio G Lines offers customers the benefit of choosing from many interior design options according to their liking. 

We also develop our interior designs according to Vastu Shastra. It is an ancient Indian architectural system which works according to Vedic science. Thus, we highly recommend families looking to update their home decor to use our designs. Some interior designs offered by Studio G Lines are:

  • Scandinavian Decor:

Scandinavian is a combination of many types of interior designs of the last couple of decades. It is well-known for its modernity, simplicity, and minimalistic approach. Thus, our company offers Scandinavian decor to match the unique tastes of homeowners. Hence, it is a flexible design approach to meet everyone’s needs.

  • Modern Decor:

Our company offers modern decor to people with modern tastes. Our modern and trendy interior architecture involves minimalistic and simplistic interior designs. Moreover, it is a type of decor which is in trend nowadays. Hence, our company’s modern decor makes your home’s interior stand out from the rest with its minimalistic and trendy designs.

  • Contemporary Decor:

Contemporary decor is an interior design combining the elements of both futuristic and classical designs into a practical decor. It is a design approach which satisfies homeowners with all kinds of tastes. Thus, our company offers the best contemporary design available for you. Moreover, its versatile design satisfies people of all ages. 

  • Traditional Decor:

Our company’s traditional decor offers customers classic and timeless decor elements. Thus, it best suits homeowners who are nostalgic. Moreover, our traditional decor can help you feel connected to a specific era and re-live your moments. Hence, our company offers the best traditional Indian experience with our Traditional Decor. 

  • Royal Decor:

You can feel like a king with our company’s royal decor. Our royal decor’s rich and regal design elements shine with elegance and beauty. Moreover, it takes inspiration from royal palaces and forts from the 19th century. Thus, our Royal decor matches the design and beauty of our traditional Indian architecture. 

Why Studio G Lines are the best Interior Designer in Patiala

Your decision to hire Studio G Lines, the best interior designer in Patiala will bring your imagination to life. With our help, customers can make their dream space and customize them according to their wishes. Moreover, we listen to the wishes and desires of our customers carefully and work hard to fulfill them.

Customers can check our portfolio and meet our architects to finalize their designs. Our architects carefully use advanced Vastu methods and then plan your home’s interior layout according to them. Some of the benefits of choosing our company are:

  • Skilled and Expert Architects:

Our company has a team of skilled and expert architects and designers. They offer the best interior designs possible. Our team is highly qualified in interior design architecture, so customers can trust us with their decor. They deeply study the map of the house and consult customers to develop a beautiful interior layout with great designs. 

  • Wide Range of Interior Designs and Layout:

Our company has access to a wide range of interior designs of different styles and patterns. In addition, our broad range of interior layouts covers all kinds of architectural designs from which customers can choose. Thus, it allows customers to explore many choices for their homes and personalize their designs according to their liking. 

  • Increased Customer Interaction:

At our company, our architect designers always consult with customers before making a decor design. They offer regular updates to customers through the interior design process. They even discuss the small details with customers before making any specific changes. Customers can even direct our designers to make any changes in the process. 

  • Systematic Development:

We use proper methods and systematic approaches for interior design. In addition, the process of making interior design follows proper rules and planning. It helps to give the best decors to our clients.

Moreover, we follow these rules to avoid any kind of errors or disapproval from clients. We follow the exact methods and materials to develop the specific decore layouts. 

  • Durability:

Our company promises that our interior decor will survive the test of time. We use the best construction materials for the interior of your home. Customers can be assured that their interior is not only good-looking but also has a strong build quality. Our durable home interior designs will still be relevant even after many years. 

  • Vastu Shastra:

For home interior design, Vastu Shastra is the main and the most important system. Our company believes in staying true to our roots, so we use Vastu methods to design all our interior decor. Vedic science proves that Vastu is beneficial for well-being. It provides prosperity, happiness and health to the homes built according to Vastu Shastra. 

  • Affordability:

It can be hard for people with a budget to design their home interiors according to their liking. Therefore, we offer our customers all their favorite designs within a budget. Our budget-friendly packages and affordable pricing can be convenient for middle-class people. 

  • 3D Modelling:

Our company has a team of highly skilled and expert architects, designers and 3D modelling developers. Moreover, our 3D Modelling Developers use high-quality 3D modelling software to show an accurate model of interior decor designs. They build the exact 3D models according to the demands of customers. It helps to give them an idea of what their decor will look like. 

Studio G Lines Services in Patiala other than interior designing

Studio G Lines is an interior designing company which expands beyond designing home interiors. Interior designing covers the whole architectural sector. Our company expands its services to all kinds of different fields which deal with construction.

We aim to expand our services to all kinds of different fields with our unique design options and expert architects. Thus, some of the fields where our company offers services are:

  • Residential Architecture:

Residential architecture is the main type of architecture where our company offers the most services. Hence, our interior architects and designers help people design their home interiors according to their tastes. In addition, our company offers a wide range of home interior layouts from which customers can choose. Thus, we offer fresh and trendy interior designs for all kinds of homes. 

  • Commercial/Industrial Architecture:

Commercial or Industrial architecture is another real estate sector that deals with public building architectural design. Our company helps design interiors for many offices, shopping malls, educational institutes, showrooms, restaurants, and many more commercial buildings. Our team of architect designers studies the needs of each type of building before finalizing the design. 

  • Landscape Architecture:

Landscape architecture is a new and unique type of architecture which has the potential to grow in the future. The landscape architecture includes gardens, theme parks, exterior cafes, and many more. Thus, our company offers multiple architectural designs for these landscape projects. Moreover, our landscape projects involve designs which contrast with nature and its surroundings. 

  • Vastu Expert Architecture:

Our company’s architectural interior designing methods heavily rely on Vastu Shastra. Our architects and designers use Vastu methods in our decor for the well-being of our customers. Vastu Shastra architecture offers health, happiness, and prosperity according to science. Hence, our company knows the amazing benefits of Vastu Shastra very well.


Studio G Lines is the best Interior Designer and High-Class Architect in Patiala. It is your chance to enter the beautiful world of home decor. Moreover, our expert Architects, Designers and 3D Design Developers help you look at your designs in great detail.

Thus, customers can choose from our wide range of interior designs, patterns, layouts, furniture, curtains, and more. 

Our home decor follows Vastu Shastra, so customers can be confident in their well-being. Vastu Shastra is an advanced architectural system in Vedic science. Vastu brings prosperity, well-being, happiness, and success to our homes. 

Thus, don’t look any further—contact us today to transform your old and boring home into your dream home. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can you design your home interior on your own?

It depends, as you can decide which things you want to include in your decor, like colors or designs. However, you will still need to hire an interior architect designer or a professional company. They have a deep knowledge and experience in the methods required for interior design.  

Q: Is Interior Design for your home expensive?

It depends on the size and space of your home. Moreover, it also depends on the type of decor you want to apply to your home’s interior. Some basic and simple interior designs can be cheap, but some modern and trendy ones can be costly. The cost also depends on how much area the decor covers. 

Q: What factors can help you choose the right decor for your home?

Choosing the right decor for your home can depend on many factors. The main factor is usually your choice of different interior styles. Another factor can be the need to adjust your daily belongings. Thus, they can be useful for you and contrast with the overall interior design at the same time.  

Q: Is Vastu Shastra beneficial for designing your home interior?

Yes, Vastu Shastra is beneficial for designing your home interior. Ancient Indian Vedic science proves that Vastu showers prosperity, health and happiness in the homes. Vastu Shastra is an architecture system which uses advanced scientific and mathematical calculations. 

Q: Who is the best interior designer in Patiala?

Studio G Lines is the best architectural interior designing company in Patiala. It offers many interior designs for homes, offices, institutes, malls, restaurants, and other buildings. In addition, our company has a team of expert architects and designers who create beautiful and appealing interior decor.