List of Architects in Patiala

List of Architects in Patiala

List of Architects in Patiala

If you are searching for the best Architects in Patiala, you have landed in the right place. When you have a vision in mind of building your dream site, it becomes difficult to choose who would fulfill your expectations. Therefore, here is the List of Architects in Patiala who are best known for their work.

They are well known for designing, building, and renovating your vision into reality. We would like to clarify that this list is not as per the rankings.

List of Architects in Patiala

Studio G-Lines – List of Architects in Patiala

Studio G-lines is the best-known architecture in Patiala. They have a great range of styles and ideas to work for your vision. Their company promises to deliver good results along with working within your financial aspects. They have experience of several years and all with positive feedback.

Their work stands out from the rest of the market due to their unique concepts. They provide architecture, interior designing, and Vastu consultation services. Therefore, Studio G-Lines is one one-stop solution for all your architecture solutions. They are at the top of the list of Architects in Patiala.

Walia Creative ArchitectsBest Architects in Patiala

Walia Creative Architects is one of the most trustworthy companies in this field. They have the best team of designers. They provide services in all small-scale and large-scale commercial structures.

Their company also provides material selection to the clients which makes the process more trustworthy. They value the requirements of the customers and work to fulfill them.

Akaar Consultants – Top Architects in Patiala

Akaar Consultants specializes in interior designing of residential as well as commercial sites. They provide renovation services for offices, hospitals, restaurants, schools, etc.

In addition, they offer customized services to their clients. It includes Site planning, Creating 3D models, Interior and Exterior Designing, etc. They also specialize in building all kinds of projects based on Vastu Shastra.

Singla Consultants

Singla Consultants is a team of professional architects who take care of every detail to satisfy their clients.

They provide the best services in home design. They believe in providing a comfortable and livable space to customers.

Their company has received great feedback from their clients. The work done by them is high-end and they haven’t received any negative feedback against them. They turn their technical skills into creativity.

Unique Architects

Same as their name, unique architects provide unique ideas and concepts to turn the vision into reality.

They are good at creating designs for commercial sites and some kinds of residential sites as well. They have already completed many successful projects in the past such as restaurants, showrooms, farmhouses, etc.

Rana Architects

Rana Architects is one of the best architectural firms making it to the List of Architects in Patiala. They take client satisfaction as their priority. They provide special designs to each of their clients as everyone has unique requirements.

Their team has well-skilled staff to work according to client’s needs. They provide services such as creating designs for residential spaces. Their professionalism and creativity make them compete in the highly competitive market.

Goel Architectures

Goel Architectures has a dedicated team of professionals who have experience of about 10 years. They have completed many projects. Moreover, they have also turned customers’ dream home visions into reality.

They are experts in creating modern and traditional designs for both homes and office spaces. Their designers create some rare designs according to changes which makes them different from other companies. They make sure that the designs and attractive as well as budget-friendly.

KK Architects

They have worked on many big as well as small projects in Patiala. Their designs and work are innovative. KK Architects specializes in creating designs for commercial as well as residential sites.

They always complete their work a proper time. For this, they pay attention to every little detail required by the clients. Looking at the projects completed by them, their services are in high demand in the city.

C3 Architects

C3 Architects are one of the best architects who completely come up to your desires. They provide architectural designs as well as interior design services. They always received positive feedback from their customers.

The materials used by them are of great quality. They also create 3D layouts of the design giving their customers a better vision of their projects. Moreover, they provide Vastu consultation which is also becoming an important aspect for the customers.


Building a complete structure from scratch is not an easy task. Architects are the people who build your vision of dream space into reality.

You and they work together to get the best possible outcomes. Building a space is not a frequent work. Therefore, this requires a lot of skill and patience. Most importantly, it requires a team of skilled professionals to make this work hassle-free.

This List of Architects in Patiala will surely help you choose a company that works best according to your requirements. These companies have completed remarkable projects earlier and have great experience in their field.

This list contains the best architects as well as interior designers that you can come across in Patiala. They take care of customer requirements and provide the best solutions. Moreover, they work to the budget expectations of the clients.


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