Luxury Architecture in Patiala

Luxury Architecture in Patiala

Luxury Architecture in Patiala

Are you looking for the Luxury Architecture in Patiala or High Class Architecture in Patiala? If yes then Contact Studio G-Lines.

Our features and quality of work make us stand out from the rest of the market. We have designed some of the High-class architecture in Patiala. Therefore, we have received positive feedback from the clients in our experience of work.

Luxury Architecture in Patiala | High Class Architecture in Patiala

Studio G-lines is famous for its Luxury architecture Services in Patiala. We provide High Class Architecture in Patiala services for both commercial and residential projects. We have a team of skilled and experienced architects who have perfection in their work. They cater to the needs of the clients and serve them with the best solutions.

Our Features – Luxury Architecture in Patiala

3D Model – Luxury Architecture in Patiala

We create 3D models of the layouts designed by us. 3D models help in better understanding of the vision. They are 3 dimensional small structures of the projects. It makes it easy for the clients to check what the actual outcome would look like.

In addition, this allows clients to make changes before the beginning of the project. It provides an overview of the shapes and structure of the space. We use various technologies to create 3D Models for our projects. Thus, we build Luxury Architecture in Patiala.


Providing so many advanced features does not mean that we are going to cost you any extra burden on your pocket. Studio G-lines would assist you in many ways by providing you with cost-effective solutions. Going by our visions and dreams does not have to be out of our budgets. We understand your requirements and offer you budget-friendly solutions.

Client Satisfaction

Our main objective is to focus on client satisfaction. Clients have various thoughts and ideas in mind for their house or workspace. We consider every detail of the client to provide them with custom solutions.

Providing our clients with complete custom options makes them feel important. Moreover, they feel a connection with their place. For some customers, building a dream home or work space maybe a once in a lifetime thing. Hence, we make sure that we deliver projects that fulfil the client’s expectations.

Experienced Team

We have a team of experienced architects. They are well-qualified and skilful enough to handle the whole project by themselves.

Most of them have over 10 years of experience. They understand the requirements of the clients and fulfil their expectations. Our team has completed around 100 projects in the past in or outside Patiala. Our company is famous for Luxury Architecture in Patiala.

Creative Designing

As mentioned earlier, our team focuses on every little detail required by the clients. Hence, our team creates unique designs for every client.

Our team is a combination of technical and creative work. Making every design different from the others is our aim.

We can create designs as per your requirements. Classy, funky, and aesthetic are the main themes we focus on.

Government approved Luxury Architecture in Patiala

Our architects create layouts keeping in mind the development rules laid by the government and all are Puda-approved.

Your home or workspace built should not cause any government interference. Hence, our team will help you to plan the layout as per govt guidelines.

Services provided by our company:

Residential Site Planning

We provide services in planning layout for residential sites. We keep in mind every aspect as per the comfort level of the family.

in addition, we maintain a balance between reality and creativity. Our ideas are unmatchable due to which we have created some Luxury Architecture in Patiala.

Commercial Site Planning

We provide services for the planning of commercial sites. We design the sitting area, dining space, meeting place, etc. all as per clients’ requirements.

Moreover, a 3D model is beneficial to understand the layout better. We use modern methods and technologies to give the best results possible.

We create sustainable solutions for our clients. Hence, we aim to transform the surroundings in which people live or work. Our team works with great effort as well as dedication to bring your imagination to life.

Interior Designing

Along with layout planning, we also offer interior designing services. This involves indoor layout and space planning.

We work on colour schemes and furniture layouts to make the designs unique and attractive. Moreover, we have created some Luxury Architecture in Patiala. Understanding clients’ vision is our foremost objective and bringing it into real is our job.


We do all the designing and planning according to the Vastu. Some clients are very particular about this. We do Vastu planning for both homes and workspace.

Vastu helps to maintain peace and prosperity in the surroundings.


Studio G-lines has completed some amazing projects in previous years of experience. We work with new ways as well as techniques for each client. All client’s requirements and specifications are different from others. Hence, it is important to understand what is best possible for them.

Beautiful surrounding creates a healthy as well as positive attitude. Therefore, we work to provide our clients with a healthy living atmosphere.

We treat every project with proper attention and care. Our team aims to fulfil all the expectations and ideas of the customers. Moreover, we also believe that our team has put great efforts into bringing our company where we are.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Studio G-Lines for High Class Architecture in Patiala today.

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