PUDA Approved Architects in Patiala

PUDA Approved Architects in Patiala

PUDA Approved Architects in Patiala

Punjab Urban Planning and Government Authority undertakes the development of projects in Punjab. They lay some environmental standards and prepare schemes for the sustainable development of Urban areas. Their purpose is to lay some policies for land use.

However, To eliminate chances of disapproval by govt in Patiala, Architects need to get PUDA approval.

If you are planning to build your dream space, here is a list of PUDA Approved Architects in Patiala. They work according to the guidelines set by the government. Moreover, all of them have years of experience in this field which makes them reliable and trustworthy.

List of PUDA Approved Architects in Patiala

Studio G-lines – PUDA Approved Architects in Patiala

Studio G-lines are one of the best architects in Patiala. Their work and design are innovative. They focus on creating new and unique designs making them different from others.

Their team works with their heart and soul to deliver quality results. Moreover, their way of working is completely different. They work as per the needs and requirements of the clients.

This ensures that the clients are satisfied with the work done. They also create 3D models of the layout for a better understanding of the vision. This makes them top the list of PUDA approved architects in Patiala.

Tectonics ArchitectsPUDA Approved Architects in Patiala

Tectonics Architects provide services in designing layouts for commercial spaces. The work done by them is legal and approved by govt. The designs made by them are classy but unique from others.

They provide services for designing offices, cafes, workspaces, institutions, etc. They work with the needs of the clients to make the project customized. Moreover, their team is full of skills and creativity to carry out their work with professionalism. They have completed several projects earlier which are well-appreciated by the customers.

Deep Square Architects and Engineers

Deep Square is a team of architects and engineers. They create designs as well as build the vision of your ideas into reality. They believe in bringing imagination to life and hence, work on your requirements. In addition, They provide services in designing homes.

Their team pays attention to your every little concern to make it their project but own space. In addition to that, they make sure that the clients remain happy as their company’s goodwill lies in their feedback. Hence, this makes them one of the best PUDA-approved architects in Patiala.

Innovation Point

As it lies in its name, Innovation Point has a team of architects who provide innovative designs and ideas. Most of their work is well-recognized in Patiala. Their designs stand out in the market.

They abide by the rules and regulations for development laid down by the government. They work for both residential and commercial space design. Their ideas are aesthetic and modern.

They use modern techniques and styles. Moreover, they aim to deliver high-quality services to the customers. If you are looking to make your space fancy and attractive, they are the right choice.

Grey Form Studio

Architects at Grey Form Studio are well-qualified and talented. Their company also provides interior design services for both residential and commercial spaces along with layout designing.

They work with full effort and dedication for the timely submission of the work. They are punctual and true in their words. Their team considers every big or small project important and pays full attention.

Their indoor design is a combination of traditional and modern elements. They make even the smallest area look attractive and expensive. To make your place look charming indoors as well as outdoors, hire their services.

Unique Architects

Unique architects are fulfilling customer expectations in their projects. They allow complete customize options to the clients.

Moreover, They provide suggestions to the clients to make things better. They provide cost-effective services to their clients. This makes the idea of building your dream space budget-friendly. If you have a vision of your space in mind, contact them for the services to bring your imagination to life.

Infinite Design Studio

Infinite design studios design your commercial or residential space according to Vastu-Shastra. Vastu helps to maintain peace and harmony in the house or workspace. It helps to keep the negative energy away from it. Therefore, their architects plan the designs in a manner suggested by Vastu-Shastra.

They even plan the colour schemes, shapes, and structures as per Vastu. Even though, as per Vastu there do some major changes, there is no compromise done with the designing part. The designs made are innovative as well as attractive.

KP Architects

KP Architects has an amazing team that is well capable of managing the projects. Moreover, they use modern ways and methods and plan the layouts accordingly. They work on the projects with a modern approach. Their team completes every task effectively and efficiently.

They are expert in creating layout designs for residential spaces. Their team has completed some amazing villas as well as bungalows in Patiala.

They have a great range of designs that are attractive and unique. They offer their services at cost-effective prices. Their company is the best option if you want to make your homes look appealing.


Turning your imagination of dream space into reality is not an easy task. The above-mentioned list of PUDA Approved Architects in Patiala will help you choose the best team as per your requirements. Therefore, they are some of the best architects in Patiala.

They work as per the requirements of the clients and make sure to deliver good results. Most of them are well known in Patiala. However, it depends on your requirements and ideas for your home or office space.