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Studio G Lines are popular as luxury architects in Patiala for delivering exceptional architecture services. We are a renowned architecture company for our amazing constructions and designs. Our company offers luxurious interiors and attractive exterior designs to customers. Moreover, our designers and architects are experts in the field of construction and architecture. 

Studio G Lines is a reputed firm famous for our long-lasting and newly furnishing architectural designs. Moreover, customers can choose their favorite interior and exterior designs from our collections. We offer customers all kinds of styles, patterns, and layouts to choose from. Hence, Contact us today to convert your space with amazing architectural designs.

What is Architecture?

Architecture is famous as the art or method of building and designing. The process of architecture involves sketching the design, planning the map of the building, and construction. Architecture can be interior or exterior, and it can be for any different types and purposes. 

Architecture is an art of construction that dates back thousands of years. It has existed since the beginning and has evolved into many different forms over the years. Architecture boosts the beauty of a building with its proper calculations. Thus, it is an art which is necessary for humanity to flourish. 

Why do you need a Professional Architect Company?

You need a professional architectural company to give a systematic approach to your construction process. You can choose what kind of design, colours, and layouts you want. However, you still need an architect to calculate the exact ratios and proportions to build a valid design.

Architects have years of experience, so they can suggest better designs to you. A professional company lets you choose from many design trends available. Architects can guide you properly when choosing the right design for your home.

They can give you a better look at your design through many 3D models, brochures, images, and more. Thus, customers can leave all their worries to architects about designing and focus on their other tasks. Therefore, you need a professional architect company to design your construction projects. 

Importance of Architectural Company

Architectural Companies play an important role in building the house of your dreams. They let you choose from your favorite designs and build your house according to them. Thus, getting help from an architectural company can help you make wise decisions when designing your home. Therefore, some reasons why Architectural companies are important are as follows:

  • Customers can leave all their worries to the company about the technical aspects of architecture. Our architects can do accurate calculations while designing your project.
  • Hiring architectural companies can give you access to the best architects. Architectural companies hire skilled and expert architects and designers to make your tasks easy.
  • Architectural companies give you the best 3D models and designs to give a better insight into your project. Companies can take full responsibility for designing your projects and can give you suggestions for a better design.
  • Architectural companies have detailed knowledge about the legalities of building the right architectural design. Thus, they can guide customers better about the legal needs for architecture. 
  • The most important thing about architectural companies is their commitment to offer the best architectural services. Most companies even accept deadlines for completing their task on time.

Studio G Lines : Luxury Architects in Patiala

Studio G Lines is the answer to all your architectural needs, as we are the best luxury architects in Patiala. Whether you choose an exterior or interior design, our company solves all your needs. We help you choose the best curtains, tiles, furniture, and other decorative items for your decor. 

We also help you choose the best patterns and layouts for your exterior designs. Being the best luxury architects in Patiala, we offer the latest trendy designs for all our projects. With a lot of happy customers, our company aims to offer luxurious architectural designs across the country. 

In addition, we offer fresh and unique architectural designs that appeal to all our customers. Thus, our company offers services to all kinds of homes and commercial buildings. Studio G Lines also has a team of best interior designer in Patiala creating beautiful interiors for offices and homes. It offers the most luxurious interiors to all kinds of homes, whether they are flats, apartments, bungalows, or any other. 

We offer highly furnished interior designs for the comfort and convenience of customers. Our company also offers the same luxurious designs to public buildings like offices, institutes, malls, and so on. Hence, contact us today if you are willing to bring the imagination of your dream space into life.

Projects where our Studio G Lines provides its Services

Studio G Lines delivers exceptional architectural services and is widely popular as High-Class Architects in Patiala. We offer architectural designs for many construction projects. We provide luxury architecture services in the residential, commercial, and landscape sectors.

Our company helps in designing homes, offices, factories, malls, institutes, restaurants, hospitals, and many more. Thus, some of the real estate projects which we help design are: 

  • Apartments:

Our company helps design flats and apartments with our well-furnished interior decor. We design all kinds of apartments like 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK and so on. Our company offers a uniform architectural design for exteriors and personalized decors for interiors. Hence, we specially design luxurious decor to fit in the small places in the homes.

  • Offices:

We also help design the architecture of offices by adjusting them according to the work done there. Our architects maintain a formal tone and muted colors in terms of design. However, we offer a convenient interior by offering suitable furniture and wall designs. We also offer the best official experience by offering glass interior designs in different cabins. 

  • Bungalows:

Our company offers fresh and royal designs for bungalows and other personal houses. Our team of architects makes bungalows stand out from the rest with unique styling and patterns. We use special variations, sizes, colors, and textures to make an overall visual appeal. Our expert designers offer great designs for both interior and exterior. 

  • Educational Institutes:

Our company believes that designing educational institutions is an important task. Therefore, we offer the best classroom designs for the comfort of both students and teachers. Our unique approach helps institutes to have a healthy and friendly study environment. Thus, our team of designers work hard to make a balance between simplicity and creativity for educational institutes. 

  • Restaurants:

Our team of designers and architects offers specially designed interiors for restaurants and cafes. We use interior and exterior designs which match with the overall themes of the restaurant. Our fine dining decor adds thrill and fun to the overall environment of the restaurants. We even use special designs to make an overall contrast with the restaurant’s logo. 

  • Shopping Malls:

Our company’s best architects and designers work on designing the largest shopping malls in the cities. They deeply study the basic elements and needs of modern architecture used in shopping malls. They help design fresh and vibrant interiors for shopping malls to give them a modern and fresh look. Therefore, our promise to design commercial projects remains strong with our skilled team of experts. 

In addition to these projects, luxury architects at our company offer architectural designs for many real estate projects. These projects include supermarkets, theme parks, gardens and so on.

Our luxury architects in Patiala aim to provide the best and most unique architectural designs. We offer many architectural designs for successful real estate projects. Thus, our company aims to transform architecture into a vast field in the coming years. 

Process that Studio G Lines Follows to create luxury architecture

We are the best luxury architects in Patiala. With our company’s best services, we fulfill all the needs of our customers related to architecture. Moreover, we offer the best services in interior and exterior designs.

We offer the best decor and architectural designs for a great customer experience. Thus, some of the best services offered by our company are:

  • Consultation:

We consult with our customers for all their projects before designing and furnishing. Our architects give customers the best advice for choosing the best designs for their homes. Our architects even consult customers about the benefits of choosing the designs as per Vastu Shastra. 

  • Site Analysis:

Site Analysis is the first and the most basic method to start the process of architecture. It involves studying and analysing the climate, geographical conditions, legal status and infrastructural status. Our company does site analysis to avoid any errors or mistakes during the process of architecture. 

  • Conceptual Design:

Conceptual design is a phase in which architects draft a basic concept design for the whole architectural process. It can help designers look at basic designs and make any further changes. It is a rough design which can easily change in the future. Our company offers this service to give customers a basic idea about the project. 

  • 3D Design Models:

Our company’s team of architects and designers make accurate 3D models for all our architectural designs. They use advanced 3D designing software to make these 3D models. Thus, it helps to give customers a detailed look at their designs. They even make these 3D models with proper textures, patterns and colours for accurate detail.

  • Design Development:

Our company also offers advanced design development for rough designs to make changes. It is the phase where we finalize the overall design and make the necessary changes. We use the best 3D designing software to bring these designs to life. It helps us give customers a basic idea of what their design will look like. 

  • Accessibility:

Our company always keeps the comfort and convenience of our customers in mind. Therefore, we offer customized designs to make daily things easier for customers to access. We design our architecture without compromising on electrical connections, ventilation for air conditioning, water connections, and other sanitary conditions. Thus, it ensures the well-being of our customers. 

  • Vastu Shastra:

Studio G Lines is popularly known as Vastu Expert Architects in Patiala. Therefore, we strictly follow advanced Vastu Shastra methods when building our architectural designs. We can even make accurate layouts according to Vastu. According to Vedic science, Vastu brings prosperity, health and happiness to the homes designed as per Vastu. 

Why you should choose Studio G Lines Luxury Architects in Patiala?

There are many reasons to choose Studio G Lines, as we are the best luxury architects in Patiala. Our company helps you design your dream home to suit your needs. Thus, customers can choose from our wide range of architectural designs.

In addition, our team of expert architects and designers help you in making the best designs according to you. Our company also believes in designing architecture as per Vastu Shastra for the well-being of our customers. Therefore, some reasons why you should choose our architect company are:

  • Flexible Design Approach:

Our company follows a flexible design approach which helps to combine all the elements of different architectural designs. Thus, customers can have the benefit of using many design elements in their homes or their other buildings. This helps customers to combine different kinds of styles and patterns into one unique and fresh design for their homes. 

  • Team of Vastu Experts:

Our company believes in making the perfect architectural design by following Vastu methods. According to science, Vastu offers prosperity, health, and happiness in the home. Therefore, our team of expert architects specializes in all kinds of Vastu methods and effectively uses them in the decor. In the long term, our Vastu methods guarantee the well-being of our customers. 

  • Advanced Customer Support:

Our company’s customer support team actively helps customers clear their doubts about our architecture methods. Thus, we consult with our customers about which design they want to proceed with. In addition, our architects tell customers about which architectural design will be suitable for them or not. Thus, they regularly update customers about the progress of their chosen designs. 

  • Qualified Professionals:

Our company only has expert architects who hold high qualifications in this field. Our team of architects and designers are mostly Civil Engineers or have a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. Thus, our company offers a qualified team of professionals. Therefore, customers can be confident with the architectural designs and suggestions which we give to them. 

  • Easy Interaction:

Our company’s official website offers users an easy and user-friendly interface to browse through the designs displayed on our website. We also offer well-made brochures to our customers. Thus, they can easily select their favorite styles and designs from them. We also allow customers to contact us through phone calls, emails, messages, and so on. 

  • Sample Displays:

Our company also allows customers to check free design samples to easily choose their favorite designs. It helps customers to have an insight into how a specific design will look in their home. Therefore, customers can easily decide which design they want to pursue and which ones they want to avoid. Our samples are the exact copies of our designs which we offer. 


In conclusion, our team at Studio G Lines are the best luxury architects in Patiala. Our platform helps create amazing architectural designs that meet all your needs. Our company can give you the best interior decor and exterior designs.

Thus, it can help you build your dream house. Our company offers a vast range of designs to customers. Thus, we go towards all kinds of architectural projects, whether commercial or residential. Therefore, contact us today to enjoy our unique and creative designs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How much time do architectural companies take to finish their designs?

It depends on the type of designs chosen by the customer. However, it also depends on the ability of the companies to finish their designs on time. But on average, most architectural companies take a few months to finish their tasks. 

Q: Can we use a combination of different interior designs in a single type of design?

Yes, you can choose which type of designs you want to combine into a specific design. Many companies offer customers a list of different designs to help them customize these designs as per their wishes. 

Q: How much do the services of architectural companies cost?

Many architectural companies offer expensive services. But it can be difficult for people with a budget to spend extra money. Therefore, some companies offer affordable plans and budget-friendly packages to choose from. 

Q: What is the importance of Vastu in architectural designs?

Vastu is an important part of architectural designs, as it is based on accurate measurements and calculations. Vastu Shastra is an architectural method based on ancient Vedic science. It offers wealth, happiness, and success in the homes built by Vastu.  

Q: Which are the best Luxury Architects in Patiala?

Studio G Lines is the best luxury architect in Patiala. You can find a wide range of architectural designs at our company. Thus, customers can choose their favourite design trends from our long list. Some of our design trends include Scandinavian design, Royal design, Modern design, Contemporary design, and many more.