Top 10 Architects in Patiala

Top 10 Architects in Patiala

Top 10 Architects in Patiala

Are you dreaming of constructing or redesigning a perfect house or bungalow? If yes, then your search for the best architect designers for residential or commercial purposes is on the right track.

Architects are people who bring your dream construction into reality. They have good experience and would design and create the best ideas. It is important to work with a professional architect to ensure the best results.

These architects in Patiala are best known for the designs and services they offer. Moreover, you might even have come across some of their amazing works in the city.

Top 10 Architects in Patiala – List of Architects in Patiala

1. Studio G-lines – Top 10 Architects in Patiala

Studio G-lines is best for creating a wide range of projects such as residential, commercial, restaurants, offices, etc. Each of their designs is unique and they have earned a good response from their clients.

Their work stands out from the rest of the market. They have well well-trained team of architects and designers to work according to your needs. Hence, Studio G-lines is at the highest of the list of Top 10 Architects in Patiala.

Studio G-Lines – Best Architecture in Patiala

Studio G-lines is well-known for creating and designing the best architecture in Patiala. We have a team of expert architects who combine their creativity and skills to create unique and attractive designs. We have years of experience in completing a wide range of residential and commercial projects. Our team is focused and dedicated to every project and values the client’s opinion.

We believe that the designs we create should reflect the client’s personality. Therefore, our team is efficient enough to understand client’s requirements and provide the best outcomes at budget-friendly prices. The designs that we create are eye-appealing yet classy. We understand that every client has unique requirements hence, our designs fulfill their expectations.

We have a wide range of designs to choose from that are functional and comfortable. Our teams aim to lift your expectations from an ordinary project to extraordinary results. We put our best efforts into giving life to the client’s vision for their space. Hence, if you want the best architecture in Patiala for your commercial or residential space, contact Studio G-lines.

Best Architect in Patiala

Studio G-lines completes your search for the best architect in Patiala. Our team consists of enthusiastic and knowledgeable architects who cater to every requirement of the client. Their work is remarkable and create designs that are a combination of modern and contemporary forms. We put various thoughts and consider every opinion to create the most eye-appealing yet classic designs. Our team makes sure that the designs make the clients feel comfortable and satisfied.

We provide architectural and design services for residential and commercial spaces. Moreover, we have also completed projects for multiplex and landscape designing. Our team also has experts to provide Vastu-Shastra consultation to ensure peace and harmony in homes as well as offices. Our teams cater to every little requirement of the client to deliver satisfaction and make them feel valued. In addition to this, we also ensure that the projects are delivered within the given timelines. Hence, providing all these services at affordable prices makes Studio G-lines the best architect in Patiala.

2. Gurudev ConstructionsTop 10 Architects in Patiala

Gurudev Constructors are experts in residential and commercial building designs. They offer great services with good results. They keep your style in mind and also offer suggestions based on your requirements.

The majority of their projects are in Patiala but some of them are also in Chandigarh.

3. Singla Consultants – Top 10 Architects in Patiala

Singla Consultants has at least 35 projects completed in Patiala. Their architects are well appreciated by their clients making them rank among the best architect in Patiala. 9 of their projects are within 1 km of their office so you can have a live view of the work completed by them.

4. Krishan Kirpa Architecture group

They are a Mohali-based architectural group but also serve in Patiala. They are best for home interiors and residential building designs. Their architects are also skilful in Office or commercial building interior design.

Krishan Kirpa Architecture Group has also completed various projects with great swimming pool designs in bungalows. Their planning and designs are well appreciated according to customer requirements.

5. Taneja Architects

Taneja Architects has completed around 10 projects in Patiala and 4 in Rajpura. They offer services like interior designing and architecture for commercial buildings like hospitals, schools, institutions etc.

Even though they have worked mostly on commercial designs their ideas are still unique from one another. Their team has innovative techniques and ideas to make every project according to the client’s expectations. Well-experienced and capable team makes them outshine others in the market. Hence, if you are planning to bring the vision of your commercial building into reality, Taneja Architects is the right choice.

6. Deep Square Engineers and Architects

Deep Square Engineers and Architects have created amazing residential spaces with beautiful touches. They have a team of skilled and experienced architects who will help you design your dreams.

They also provide Vastu Shastra Consultation to maintain peace in your home. Their team works according to your needs and provides you with complete solutions according to Vastu Shastra. In addition, their team is well known for combining technical knowledge with creativity.

7. Mathura Building Advisors

Mathura Building advisors are experts in Designing and building residential projects such as bungalows, villas, cottages, duplexes, etc. They have been providing amazing and unique concepts for homes since 1999.

They create a 3D model of the project to give you a better idea of the vision. Until now, They have completed several projects in North India. Moreover, they also have a team in Canada which has also achieved great response from clients there. Hence, the architects of Mathura Building Advisors are the best choice to build your dream home.

8. Waris Architects

Waris Architects provides 24-hour service in Patiala. They have a very professional and well-qualified team. Their team has useful ideas and advises clients on what would work best according to their requirements.

Their team is highly respectful towards customers. They have completed some of the best and most amazing projects in Patiala. They ensure the quality of materials used in their designs so that the clients don’t have to suffer after. This makes them the most reliable out of the Top 10 Architects in Patiala.

9. JB Architects and Associates

JB Architects has great experience in creating designs for the service industry, institutions, and healthcare. They have created some of the very popular architectures in Patiala like Wilkommen, Dr. Bharti Medikiz Hospital, etc. These are well appreciated by the clients as well as the visitors to the property.

All of their architectural designs are unique from each other. They work with modern techniques and adapt to changing technology. They do a lot of planning and research on what is best suitable for the clients. Hence, they mark their position in the list of Top 10 Architects in Patiala.

10. Thapar and Associates

Though Thapar and Associates comes last in the list of Top 10 architects in Patiala doesn’t mean their work is any less. They work best for both commercial and residential projects. They have largely worked on projects based in Chandigarh and have now extended their services to Patiala as well. Their team is a combination of very creative and skilled designers who work best as per clients’ needs.

List of Architects in Patiala

This list of Architects in Patiala is as per your requirements and all are Puda-approved. I believe it is hard to choose as all the companies have completed amazing projects. Although, you can learn more about them by visiting their website or contacting them as per your requirements.